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My experience spans numerous fields, including mental health therapy, sound engineering, motion graphics & 3D design, and more. 

Design Resume

Technical Work Experience

I have experience working with the following hardware and software in the live video production and live audio engineering fields:

Live Video Production:

+ Daktronics video boards (as well as minor repairs: power supplies, pixel replacement, etc.), and required backend systems: Venus 1500 & 7000 graphics systems; Edirol graphics system; 3Play replay system; Motion control system; Ross video switchers; Livestream production systems; Tricaster systems; ProPresenter graphics overlay program; among other systems and programs. Camera's: primarily Canon camera's (professional video camera's and DSLR's, mainly) - Canon XF305's for most live video production outdoors; Sony HDR-FX7's for mostly indoor live productions (earlier), RED One MX for commercial work, and a variety of Canon DSLR's - EOS 5D Mark IV's / EOS 70D / EOS 7D Mark II's / EOS-1D X Mark II / etc. 

Live Event Audio & Studio Recording:

+ Live audio: various analog and digital sound consoles (Allen & Heath, Mackie, Behringer X32, Midas M32, Yamaha CL series, etc.) - setup, configuration, programming, tweaking, routing, EQing, as well as complete installation (hardware & software/firmware). Live production sound engineering for various sized events indoor and outdoor. 

+ Studio Recording & Engineering: have be a part of building multiple studios (2 from the ground up with multiple iso rooms, sound proofed cathedrals and mixing rooms) - primarily focused on design and layout, wiring and routing, microphone placement, etc. On the engineering side: I have engineered/mixed over 17 artists - 14 of which were full bands; I have participated in the mastering process on 6 records as well. I have had the fortunate opportunity to mix on 2 vintage Neve analog consoles (the 5088 & 8068). A majority of my experience engineering in the studio has been on analog consoles with the exception of 2 studios that were equipped with both analog consoles and ProTools digital console capabilities. 

+ Software: I started out (referencing digital recording) learning and using ProTools digital workstations; however, I decided to transition to Logic a little over 6 years ago. I prefer Logic for basic mixing, but I love the plugin options in ProTools for post-production editing. 

# Need a technology consultation? Need help installing technology and equipment (lighting, audio, electrical, internet/routing, configuration, etc.)? I would be happy to help. Just give me a call/text/email! [678.642.7734 // wjturner@gmail.com] #